eBay Auction Design, Tutoring & Consultation

eBay Auction Design Services

eBay Auction Design is very similar to standard web design. We're able to design an eBay page for you to make your listings look professional and neat. This is a 'must have' if you plan on selling items under a business name. Good eBay auction design is a key for success, because it gives buyers a general idea of who they're dealing with. A disorganized, vague, and sloppy page may keep buyers away from your auctions if they assume that your company practices business the way its listing appears. However, creating a properly structured and clean page, will not only separate you from the average Joe, but will also give buyers the confidence they look for when buying from an unknown seller.

eBay Consultation & Tutoring

True, you don't have to be a genius in order to list items on eBay, the question is how to sell on eBay in a way that will bring the most viewers and will generate the most profit. Everything you need to know is listed on eBay and PayPal's 'help' page, but this would be the equivalent of reading a 500-page contract.

Web Designers NYC has more than 6 years of experience listing items and dealing with eBay customers. We know eBay inside-out, and 6-8 hours are enough for us to teach you the techniques that will make your eBay experience safe and hassle-free. One of the most important lessons we can teach you is how to recognize and avoid scammers. Other than that we can teach you anything you need to know about:

  • Accounts - How to set up an eBay account and a PayPal account
  • Types of Listings - Online auctions, fixed price listings, ad format
  • Listing Strategy - How to generate the most profit from every sale
  • Selling Fees - Listing fee, final value fee, PayPal fees, fee refunds
  • Listing Features - The importance of choosing the right category and title, prices, duration, images, eye catchers, shipping & handling costs, return policy
  • Payments - Getting paid, sending money, payment refunds and limitations
  • Disputes - How to handle them and how to avoid them
  • Shipping Policies - The importance of a tracking and signature and which listings require them, best companies to ship with, generating shipping labels without leaving you desk, worldwide shipping and the danger involved in it
  • Restrictions - keyword spamming, prohibited items
  • Suspensions - avoiding suspension, appeals
  • Safe Trade - avoiding scammers and frauds, phishing and pharming, protecting yourself from potential loss of money, shipping to international destinations